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Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Episode 038

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

In this episode, DJ Matt Dayton and producer Benji bring you the latest on Colorado mountain real estate, including hot topics like Summit County's short-term rental regulations, the current market analysis, and valuable real estate tips.

Matt and Benji kick off the show and invite viewers to engage with them through live chat. This episode is packed with insights and expert advice, so tune in! Remember to help out the channel on YouTube by liking, commenting and subscribing if you got something from the episode. When you engage with the channel it helps to spread the word on that platform. Thanks for your help!

Local News: Summit County Homeowners and Short-Term Rental Regulations

Summit County is facing legal battles over short-term rental rules. Learn how this could affect homeowners and what you need to know to stay compliant.

Real Estate Tips: Alignment with Local Regulations

Are your property goals aligned with local laws? Matt provides practical guidance on navigating the legal landscape to ensure your real estate investments are on the right track.

The Perfect Sunday Afternoon

What's your ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Share your thoughts and join the conversation with fellow mountain enthusiasts. Matt says his favorite Sunday afternoons are spend on Off Road Picnics where he loads up his trusty old Land Cruiser with a grill, blanket, and some good eats. Matt says, "Spending the afternoon secluded in the mountains with your loved ones is always a great time."

How's the Market? A Competitive yet Slow Analysis

Get an expert take on the current real estate market in Summit County. Matt shares his insights through a screen share session, covering trends and forecasts.

MLS Check: Spotlight on NEW Brightwood in Keystone

Brightwood in Keystone is a rising star in the real estate market. Find out what makes this area unique and why it might be the next best investment opportunity.

Thanks for Joining Us!

Matt and the team wrap up the show with gratitude and an invitation to like, share, and subscribe to the Ski Summit Show. Check the description for links and don't forget to stay connected for future episodes.


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