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Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Episode 036

On the Ski Summit Show this week, we dived into some exciting topics related to the local real estate scene. We kicked off with updates on Summit County's housing market, with an interesting observation - interest rate hikes could be driving down transactions.

Here's a link to the article: LINK >

Our real estate tip this week focused on how to ease into potentially confrontational conversations. From Phil Jones' "Exactly What to Say," we examined the phrase "I bet you're a bit like me". This statement serves as a valuable tool for initiating discussions, particularly when you anticipate resistance. The phrase can foster a sense of commonality, making the conversation more relatable and easier to navigate.

We also asked our Question of the Day: "What is your favorite neighborhood in Summit County and why?" We're always interested in hearing about different perspectives and experiences. Jump into the comments on YouTube and tell us what neighborhood Matt claimed as his favorite, our channel could use the engagement.

Hey Home Buyers

Looking for a beautiful home in ski country? We had a recent price reduction of one of our lovely mountain homes, Check it out here: LINK >

We then looked at how the market is fairing, and interestingly, homebuyers are still more active than usual. We shared the "Top 5 New Listings" in Summit County, keeping our community informed about the latest opportunities in our local market.

Till next time, keep the questions coming, and we hope to see you in the mountains soon!


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