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Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Episode 037

Welcome to another episode of the Ski Summit Show, where we bring you up to speed on all things real estate in Colorado’s stunning Summit County!

Local News: Goldman Sachs recently predicted slow growth in home prices as the new normal. They forecast growth rates of 1.3% in 2023, 1.7% in 2024, 2.4% in 2025, and 3.8% in 2026. This dampening is a result of tight supply and affordability concerns, with about 82% of homeowners feeling “locked in” due to low mortgage rates.

Real Estate Tips: The negotiation phrase of the day is “Just out of curiosity?” This is a fantastic tool to ask questions that might otherwise come off as rude or pushy. For example, instead of saying, “What exactly do you need to think about?”, you can phrase it as, “Just out of curiosity, what is it specifically that you need to think about?” This simple twist in phrasing can make a conversation feel much more comfortable.

Summit County Market Update: We took a look at the latest foreclosure list in Summit County and shared the Top 5 New Listings that are catching eyes. Feel free to click the links below while you watch along.

Question of the Day: We also discussed a very practical issue: What do you do if you need to get rid of something big in Summit County? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Big Thank You: to Dan Dan the Dump Run Man! Where do you turn when you have a large item that needs to get to the dump when you live in in Summit County? You call Dan Dan the Dump Run Man! We don't know how he does it but he took care of me recently when I had an old appliance that needed to get to the dump. Thank you Dan!

Thanks for tuning in to the Ski Summit Show. We hope this episode has brought you valuable insights into the current state of the real estate market in Summit County. Make sure to like, share, and subscribe for more updates, and we hope to see you in the mountains soon!


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