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Ski Summit Real Show: Colorado Living Insights, Hot Tub Maintenance, and Real Estate Updates

Matt and Benji kick off the show, welcoming viewers to the Ski Summit Real Show where they delve into everything important for buying and living in Colorado.

Question of the Day

Matt shares his excitement for the annual International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, highlighting this unique local tradition. Link to event

Real Estate News

The segment discusses the introduction of rival short-term rental bills in the Colorado Legislature, aiming to address taxation issues and housing availability, particularly in ski towns. Link to article

Real Estate Tips

Viewers learn about signs indicating the need for hot tub maintenance, along with recommended local service providers.

Links to service providers:

How is the Market

Guest Chris Magnotta joins the show to discuss the impact of elections and recessions on the home market, providing valuable insights. Link to Chris Magnotta's YouTube channel

MLS Check

The top 5 new listing picks of the week are showcased, giving viewers a peek behind the MLS curtain. Link to listings

Matt and Benji thank viewers for tuning in, encouraging likes and subscriptions for future episodes.


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