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Architect Brett Confer joins us on Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Episode 059

Welcome to our latest blog post featuring Episode 59 of the Ski Summit Show with your host, Matt Dayton. This episode brings you the best of Summit County's real estate, including a special feature on the most expensive home sold in the area, designed by renowned architect Bret Confer.

Special Guest

Bret Confer from B. ConferArchitecture discusses his design of a 7,200 sq. ft., 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom house at 460 Timber Trail. This house was the most expensive house sold in Summit County in 2023, here is the link to the article - Link >

Here's a link to Brett's website - Link >

Question of the Day

Matt Dayton and his guest, Bret Confer, offer a delightful and engaging discussion that veers away from their usual real estate expertise into the realm of personal nostalgia. The conversation pivots to their favorite subjects in school, invoking a sense of camaraderie and relatability with their audience. Bret, an architect known for his stunning designs in Summit County, reveals his early affinity for the creative process, while Matt shares his own educational preferences, highlighting the diverse backgrounds that have influenced their professional paths.

Real Estate Tips

In the "Real Estate Tip" segment from Episode 59 of the Ski Summit Show, host Matt Dayton provided viewers with valuable advice on being prepared for emergencies, especially in the wintry conditions of Summit County. Here are the key points and items mentioned for an emergency winter car kit:

  • Battery-Powered Radio: Keep updated on weather forecasts.

  • Water and Snack Food: Store non-perishable items like energy bars to sustain you if stranded.

  • Extra Hats, Socks, and Mittens: Essential for warmth in cold conditions.

  • First Aid Kit: Include necessary medications and basic first aid supplies.

  • Blankets or Sleeping Bags: Crucial for insulation if you are stranded in cold weather.

  • Tow Rope: Useful for towing if your vehicle gets stuck.

  • Tire Chains: Provide extra traction in deep snow.

  • Jumper Cables: For jump-starting your car in case of a dead battery.

  • Road Salt, Sand, or Cat Litter: Can be used for traction under tires if stuck.

  • Emergency Flares or Reflective Triangle: To signal for help and warn other motorists.

  • Waterproof Matches and Candles: Can provide heat in a pinch if you're stranded.

  • Whistle: To signal for help if stranded or lost.

Matt also highlighted the importance of not just having these items but also knowing how to use them effectively to ensure safety during the winter months in mountainous regions.

Market Outlook

In the "Market Outlook" segment of Episode 59 of the Ski Summit Show, host Matt Dayton offered valuable insights into the current state and future predictions of the real estate market in Summit County. Here are the key takeaways from this segment:

  • Interest Rate Predictions: The segment began with a discussion about potential drops in interest rates. The Federal Reserve predicted three interest rate drops for the year, while market projections indicated up to six rate cuts. These changes are expected to increase demand and put pressure on the already low inventory in Summit County.

  • Impact on Buyers and Sellers: With the anticipated changes in interest rates, Matt advised that it might be a good time for buyers to consider entering the market. For sellers, it was suggested that they start preparing their properties, anticipating a shift towards a stronger seller's market.

  • Real Estate Trends: The conversation also touched on the current trends in the real estate market. Despite some increases in listings, the inventory in Summit County remained low, not meeting the rising demand. This situation could lead to multiple offer scenarios and potential increases in property prices.

  • Advice for the Audience: Matt emphasized the importance of staying informed about these market dynamics, whether as a buyer or a seller, to make well-informed real estate decisions in Summit County.

Top 5 Property Listings

This week's curated selection of the best properties currently on the market in Summit County. Click the link to follow along Link >

See you in the mountains soon!


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