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401 Silver Circle 3D Home Tour! Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Episode 062

Are you ready to delve into the captivating world of Colorado real estate? Join us for a recap of the latest episode of the Ski Summit Show, where Matt Dayton and Benji take you on an informative journey through the state's vibrant housing market.

Question of the Day

Q: "What's the most interesting Colorado real estate deal you’ve ever been a part of?" Matt recounts a very green first time deal in his hometown and what a hairy mess it turned into for everyone involved.

Property Showcase

Viewers are treated to a virtual tour of the stunning 401 Silver Circle property, providing a glimpse into the luxurious mountain living experience. The Matterport link allows viewers to explore the property's features and layout in detail - Link >

Real Estate News

We delve into recent real estate developments, including Alterra Mountain Company's acquisition of Arapahoe Basin and the controversy surrounding proposed tax increases for short-term rental owners.

  • Alterra Mountain Company's acquisition of Arapahoe Basin: Link >

  • Tax increases for short-term rental owners: Link >

Real Estate Tips

The hosts offer valuable advice on managing your digital footprint when selling a house, emphasizing the importance of online visibility in today's market-driven environment.

How is the Market

Matt analyzes the current state of the Colorado real estate market, highlighting trends and fluctuations in the metro area. Despite a flat local market, insights into buyer and seller behavior shed light on underlying dynamics from neighboring metros.

MLS Check

The episode concludes with a showcase of today's top 5 listings, allowing viewers to explore desirable properties on the market. Link >

The Ski Summit Show provides a wealth of information and entertainment for anyone interested in Colorado real estate. From property showcases to market analysis and expert tips, each segment offers valuable insights to help viewers navigate the dynamic housing landscape. If you're passionate about real estate or considering a move to Colorado, this show is a must-watch!

See you in the mountains soon...


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