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Check out these MEGA Ski Homes Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Episode 061

Updated: Feb 9

Are you ready for the latest episode of the Ski Summit Real Show? Hosted by Matt Dayton from Cornerstone Real Estate and joined by the ever-entertaining Benji, this episode is packed with exciting real estate insights, hilarious confessions, and valuable information. Let's dive into the highlights!

Question of the Day

The hosts kick off with a fun question of the day: "What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?" Matt's response - Rocky Mountain Oysters - adds a dash of humor and sets the tone for the show.

Real Estate News

This segment delves into a critical issue for the Breckenridge community: Can the workforce afford to live there? Matt and Benji discuss a multimillion-dollar plan aimed at addressing this housing challenge, link to the Summit Daily News article for more details on the topic below. Link >

Real Estate Tips

One of the highlights of the episode, Matt and Benji explore the intriguing question of whether to choose a 529 plan or real estate to fund your kids' college education. They reference an article from BiggerPockets, offering viewers valuable insights and alternative options.

How is the Market

The hosts share their thoughts on the real estate market in 2024, highlighting that it's off to a strong start. This segment provides viewers with a glimpse of what to expect in the current market.

MLS Check Top 5 Listings

Matt and Benji take a look at Mega Ski Homes on the MLS and share their observations. Viewers can follow the link provided to see the top 5 listings of the week in the link below.

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See you in the mountains soon...


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