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Texas Briefcase & AI Real Estate Scams | Episode 58

Greetings, Summit County residents and real estate enthusiasts! In our latest episode of the Ski Summit Show, hosted by Matt Dayton of Cornerstone Real Estate, we dive into some critical topics that blend lifestyle, safety, and real estate savvy.

AI Scammers Targeting Realtors

The episode starts with a cautionary tale about AI scammers impersonating realtors. Matt discusses an unsettling trend where AI technology is used to mimic real estate agents, fooling clients and creating confusion in transactions. He advises viewers on how to recognize and avoid these scams, emphasizing the importance of verifying identities through direct communication.

Fun Things to Do in Summit County

Switching to a lighter note, Matt shares some exciting activities happening in Summit County. The show highlights the 'Backcountry and Bourbon' event at Keystone's Warren Station - a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation for the weekend.

Real Estate Tips: Prepping Your Home for Sale

Matt provides invaluable advice for homeowners looking to enter the market. He lists the top five things to prepare your home for sale:

  1. Cleaning, decluttering, neutralizing, and depersonalizing your space.

  2. Addressing any pending maintenance or repair work.

  3. Considering a pre-inspection to identify and fix issues beforehand.

  4. Enhancing curb appeal to make a great first impression.

  5. Staging the home effectively to attract potential buyers.

Market Analysis: Listings and Trends

Matt takes viewers behind the scenes of the Summit MLS, discussing how listings are ramping up and speculating whether supply might soon outpace demand. He provides a comprehensive analysis of new listings, contracts, price reductions, and total listings.

Top 5 Listings in Summit County

The show also features the top 5 new listings in Summit County, offering viewers a glimpse into some of the most exciting properties currently on the market.

As always, Matt encourages viewers to stay informed, cautious, and proactive in their real estate ventures. Tune in to the Ski Summit Show for more updates, tips, and local news in Summit County's dynamic real estate scene.

See you in the mountains soon!


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