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Dillon Amphitheater's Summer Lineup on Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Ep 73

Greetings, Colorado enthusiasts! Welcome to Ski Summit Show 73, where we dive into all things essential for buying and living in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. I'm your host, Matt Dayton, alongside my trusty producer Benji. This week, we explore financing buyer’s agent fees, unveil Dillon Amphitheater’s exciting summer lineup, and delve into the latest real estate developments in Summit County.

Real Estate Tip

In our Real Estate Tips segment, we tackle the question: "How can I finance my buyer’s agent fee?" Discover strategies to navigate this aspect of the home buying process and make informed decisions.

What's Happening in Summit County?

We're highlighting the Dillon Amphitheater's eagerly anticipated summer schedule. Check out the lineup of live performances and cultural events sure to enhance your Summit County experience.

Real Estate News

In Real Estate News, we discuss a petition circulating in Dillon that could potentially influence the fate of waterfront development. Stay informed about local developments shaping the community.

Top 5 Listings

Don't miss our MLS Check featuring the top 5 new listings, providing insights into the current real estate market trends in Summit County.

Thanks for tuning in to Ski Summit Show 73. If you find this episode informative, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for more updates on Colorado real estate and lifestyle.

See you in the mountains soon...


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