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Have Single Family Home Prices REALLY Risen by 18% to 35%? Let's find out!

Hey everyone, Matt here! Welcome back to Ski Summit Show 72, where we're diving deep into the Colorado real estate scene. This week, Benji and I have a lot in store for you, so let's jump right in.

We kick off the episode with some personal news – my brother turned 40! But don't worry, age is just a number, right? Happy Birthday to him! To celebrate, my brother, sister and I visited a local ski hut and enjoyed a sauna that was built in remembrance of our mother.

Real Estate Tips

In our Real Estate Tips segment, we tackle the question: "How much fat should you leave on the bone?" We'll discuss strategies to avoid stagnation in the market and ensure you're not chasing prices down.

What's Happening in Summit County?

Next up, we explore the exciting news of golf course openings in Summit County. From Raven to Breck to Keystone, the greens are calling, and we've got all the details you need to tee off this season.

Real Estate News & Weekly Update

In Real Estate News, we unpack the recent surge in home prices during the first few months of 2024. With single-family home prices skyrocketing and a shortage of available properties, we'll analyze the implications for buyers and sellers alike. Check out the article for more insights.

Top 5 Listings

And of course, we wrap up with our MLS Check, featuring today's top 5 listings. Whether you're in the market for a new home or just curious about the latest offerings, you won't want to miss it.

Thanks for joining us for Ski Summit Show 72 – don't forget to like, subscribe, and share the love with your friends. Until next time!

See you in the mountains soon...


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