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The Key to Mortgage Approval on the Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Ep. 66

In this episode, we dive deep into the Colorado real estate market to uncover some intriguing insights. Hosted by Matt Dayton and Benji, this episode promises to be packed with valuable information for anyone interested in buying or living in Colorado.

What's Happening In the Summit

Benji kicks off the show by discussing the exciting events taking place in Summit County. Check out the link to learn more about the upcoming Rocky Mountain Country Fest in Keystone!

Real Estate News

Next up, Matt and Benji delve into the latest real estate news, including updates on the Uptown 240 project in Dillon. Get the scoop on this intriguing development by clicking the link provided.

How is the Market

Is the real estate market cooling down? Matt explores recent price reductions in various cities across the country and examines how Summit County stacks up. Check out the reference link to see the latest market statistics.

Real Estate Tips

In this segment, Benji poses an essential question: How can you determine if you can afford a $500k home and get approved for a mortgage? Matt shares valuable insights, including the 28/36 rule and FHA guidelines. Don't miss this crucial information for prospective homebuyers!

MLS Check

Curious about the top listings in Summit County? Check out today's top 5 listings by clicking the link provided.

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See you in the mountains soon!


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