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Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton | Episode 026

Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to welcome you to the latest Ski Summit Show episode. We delve into Colorado mountain real estate, share important local news, discuss real estate strategies, and explore new listings on the Summit MLS. I'm Matt Dayton from Cornerstone Real Estate, joined by Benji, the ever-resourceful producer from Benji Does.

Let's begin with a look at the local news headlines concerning real estate:

  1. Dillon Police Department adjusts pay scales to stay competitive: A look at how the local employment scene influences real estate.

  2. Pay increases anticipated in Summit School District's 2023-24 budget to address bus driver shortage: Unpacking the correlation between local salaries and housing demand.

  3. Institutional homebuyers are exiting the market: What does this mean for individual investors and homebuyers?

Our real estate tip of the day is: "Don't follow the herd." We'll dive deeper into this strategy, explaining how thinking independently can lead to more successful real estate investments.

Memorial Day is around the corner - we'd love to hear from you: Who comes to mind on this important day of remembrance?

Now, onto the market updates: The summer selling season is ramping up. We'll explore what this means for sellers and buyers alike in the Colorado mountain real estate market.

We'll also be showcasing the top 5 new listings on the Summit MLS - these are opportunities you won't want to miss!

Thank you for joining us for this episode of the Ski Summit Show. If you enjoyed our insights, please give us a like, share this post, and don't forget to subscribe. You'll find links to all the stories we discussed today in the description. We hope to see you in the mountains soon!


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