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Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton and Special Guest Jeffrey Bergeron AKA Biff America | Episode 068

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Ski Summit Show! In today's episode (#68), we're thrilled to have a special guest joining us: Jeff Bergeron, also known as Biff America. Jeff is a Breckenridge legend with a fascinating history in the area, and we're diving deep into his experiences and insights.

Special Guest and Breckenridge Local Legend Jeffrey Bergeron

We kick off the show with some reminiscing about old Breckenridge versus the Breckenridge of today. Jeff shares stories about his involvement in various community projects, including the open space initiative that helped preserve thousands of acres of land. We also discuss his time serving on the town council and the challenges and rewards that came with it.

Real Estate News

Moving on to real estate news, we explore how the recent National Association of Realtors settlement might impact the Colorado mountain housing markets. Despite initial concerns, it appears that the effects may not be as significant as anticipated.

Market Update & Real Estate Tip

In our market analysis segment, we take a closer look at a 20-year buyer competition chart, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of the local real estate market. Plus, Matt shares valuable tips for sellers, emphasizing the importance of minimizing days on the market to maximize property value.

This Week's Top 5 Listings

As always, we wrap up the show with a peek at the top 5 new property listings of the week, giving you a glimpse of the latest opportunities in the Summit County housing market.

Don't miss out on this enlightening episode filled with engaging discussions and valuable insights. Hit the play button and join the conversation!

See you in the mountains soon...


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