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Navigating the Complexities of Summit County Real Estate | Episode 51

The latest episode of the Ski Summit Show, hosted by Matt Dayton with his sidekick Benji, dove deep into the pressing issues and current trends in Summit County's real estate market.

Navigating Traffic and Development in Silverthorne

Silverthorne is at a pivotal moment, grappling with traffic challenges while eagerly anticipating the completion of nearly 100 new condos. Matt discusses the importance of traffic planning and offers tips for residents and visitors to avoid congestion. He suggests checking CDOT and Google Maps for road conditions before heading out, and even considers the feasibility of using Loveland Pass as an alternative route.

Real Estate Market Analysis

Matt provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the real estate market in Summit County. He notes a significant shift in the market with new listings, contracts, price reductions, and total listings, emphasizing that nearly 27% of the listings are new constructions yet to be built.

Today's Real Estate Tips

In this segment, Matt shares his expertise on home pricing strategies. The catchy phrase "Leaving the Fat will make you Skinny" encapsulates his advice on the importance of strategic pricing in today’s dynamic market.

MLS Check

Matt gives an exclusive look at the top 5 listings in the Summit MLS, offering viewers a glimpse into some of the most exciting properties currently available in the market.

The episode wraps up with a heartfelt thank you to the viewers, reminding them to engage with the show through likes, shares, and subscriptions. For those looking to stay updated on Summit County's real estate market, the Ski Summit Show with Matt Dayton is an indispensable resource.


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